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Real-life information on a Navien hot water heater (model NR-240A) by someone that actually owns and uses one...


Although there are many articles on the NET about the Navien NR-240A, most of them are written by folks who either do not even have one, have never used one, or have a vested interest in talking you into buying one (or that of another brand). This site is intended to provide straight-up information (without any bias) on the Navien NR-240A tankless water heater, and would be of interest to those who are thinking of installing one. Hopefully, you will find some answers here that for some reason or other are not mentioned in other places.

I am an actual owner and regular user of a Navien NR-240A. I do not work for Navien, a plumber, a gas fixer, a contractor or a Navien competitor. I also do not take any type of kick-back from Navien.


On this site you will find a number of questions (and now answers) that I had before I purchased my Navien NR-240A tankless water heater. Each article is its own question and answer. The answers are provided without bias (knowingly) and with information as accurate as I can provide - to help you make a more informed decision about whether a tankless water heater (and particularly the Navien NR240A) is right for you.


More information will be added over time.


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