How much does a Navien NR-240A or NR240A cost or NR-240A price?

Navien Price:


Oct 2012 - The NR240A is now back on ebay and at an even better price. Ebayer atlasplumb is currently offering NR240A for $1299. It would look like we're seeing a new and better price point which may well make this purchase more compelling.


July 2012 update: Strangely enough, all listings for the NR240A have disappeared from Ebay. I wonder if dealers are pressuring Navien to stop selling online because smart folks will check online to see what an NR240A should actually cost.

So, at the moment, I guess I can't provide any true updates as to the price you should be paying as I don't have a listing on ebay to follow any more. Shame on you Navien.


Well at least Amazon has a listing found here:


for $1612. Not as good a price as on EBay, but at least they have a listing (and therefore at least some indication as to what you should be paying).


At that price, it might be worth considering the Rinnai instead (I have no experience with this unit, but it's now over $100 cheaper than the navien at $1500)

Find it here.



May 2012 update: Prices down a bit more with listing on Ebay for $1300. This gives you a good idea of what the street price should be.


Dec 2011 update: Prices have fallen further (as they should). There are a number of listings now on Ebay for about 1400$ USD.


Here is an example:



Original article:

Navien Pricing / Navien Cost

You should be able to get an NR240A retail for about USD/CDN $1600 (August 2010). Expect this price to fall over time as more units become available, there are more competitors, and deflationary pressures. To find a price in your area, there are a few good places to check.

Update as of 21-Sep-2011 - There are now listings on Ebay for as low as $1524 found here (don't know how long this link will work...):



1) Ebay: Here is a sample auction from eBay:

Image of an ebay auction for a Navien NR240A for 1650$

EBay is usually a good place to start looking to find out what the general price range is for a given item. It will also help you to determine how much you are paying for labour and parts if you get a quote that includes both a unit and it's installation.

Many contractors will only give you a quote that has everything bundled in. If this is the case, ask them to break out each item on it's own e.g. NR240A = $1600, parts (list of major parts) = $200, installation $300, etc.


2) Kijiji - a quick search in Toronto, Canada turns up no fewer than 10 ads for Navien water heaters. Craigslist is a similar bet.




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