What problems have you experienced with the Navien NR-240A tankless water heater?

Navien Problems

What problems have you experienced with the Navien NR-240A?


There has been 1 major problem (unit failed to produce hot water and required a part to fix it) in the first:  6 Years and 2 month(s)

There has been 1 minor problem (maintenance issue?)  in the first:  6 Years and 2 month(s)

The warranty has expired.

Problem log to date (unit installed on 25-Jun-2010):


Summary to date (now past the 5 year mark) by month:

25-Aug-2016 - No further problems.

25-July-2016 - No further problems.

25-Jun-2016 = No further problems.

25-May-2016 - No further problems.

25-Apr-2016 - No further problems.

25-Mar-2016 - No further problems to report.

25-Feb-2016 - No further problems.

25-Jan-2016 - No further problems.

25-Dec-2015 - No further problems.

25-Nov-2015 - No further problems.

25-Oct-2015 - No further problems.

25-Sep-2015 - No further problems.

25-Aug-2015 - No further problems.

25-Jul-2015 - No further problems.

25-Jun-2015 - No further problems.

25-May-2015 - No further problems.

25-Apr-2015 - No further problems.

25-Mar-2015 - No further problems.

25-Feb-2015 - No further problems.

25-Jan-2015 - No further problems.

25-Dec-2014 - No further problems.

4-Dec-2014 - Major:  Navien E10 027 Error and unit would not generate hot water.  How to fix Navien Error E10 027

25-Nov-2014 - No further problems.

25-Oct-2014 - No further problems.

25-Sep-2014 - No further problems.

25-Aug-2014 - No further problems.

25-Jul-2014 - No further problems.

5-Jul-2014 - Minor:  Navien Error code 10 appears.  Down time about 15 mins.  More about Navien code 10 or e10.

25-Jun-2014 - No problems

25-May-2014 - No problems

25-Apr-2014 - No problems

25-Mar-2014 - no problems to report

25-Feb-2014 - No problems

25-Jan-2014 - No problems

25-Dec-2013 - No problems

25-Nov-2013 - All is AOK

25-Oct-2013 - No Problems

25-Sep-2013 - No problems

25-Aug-2013 - No problems

25-Jul-2013 - No problems

25-Jun-2013 - life goes on (no problems)

25-May-2013 - No problems to report

25-April-2013 - nothing to report

25-Mar-2013 - nothing to report

25-Feb-2013 - nothing to report

25-Jan-2013 - no problems

25-Dec-2012 - no problems still

25-Nov-2012 - nothing to report

25-Oct-2012 - same old

25-Sep-2012 - nothing

25-Aug-2012 - No issues to report

25-Jul-2012 - np

25-Jun-2012 - purring like a kitten (2nd full year has been problem-free - toes crossed)

25-May-2012 - Working well

25-April-2012 - No issues

25-Mar-2012 - pas d'probleme

25-Feb-2012 - Nada problemos

25-Jan-2012 - All is well

25-Dec-2011 - two thumbs up

25-Nov-2011 - All is good so far

25-Oct-2011 - nothing to report

25-Sep-2011 - No problem

25-Aug-2011 - No problemos

25-Jul-2011 - No problems

25-Jun-2011 - No problems (First full year has been problem-free - fingers crossed)

25-May-2011 - No problems

25-Apr-2011 - No problems

25-Mar-2011 - No problems

25-Feb-2011 - No problems

25-Jan-2011 - No problems

25-Dec-2010 - No problems

25-Nov-2010 - No problems.

25-Oct-2010 - No problems.

25-Sep-2010 - No problems.

25-Aug-2010 - No problems.

25-Jul-2010 - No problems.


Navien water heater problems to date for NR240-A:



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